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Complimentary home evaluation & broker price opinion

Kenneth Rose will visit your home and conduct a thorough visual inspection. You will be provided with the most current sales activity in your neighborhood including the current competitors. Kenneth Rose will personally review all data and results from the visual inspection and render an itemized list of recommended adjustments, modifications and or improvements necessary to obtain fair market value in a timely fashion. Depending on the scope of said recommendations, a time table for agreed upon projects and their completion will be created; including no cost estimates from our preferred service providers. Homes that are intended to be “Fixer Upper’s” can simply be sold “As-Is”  @copyright 2016


Pricing Your Home

In some cases, establishing the exact fair market value for a property can prove to be very challenging. For example, maybe your house is in a neighborhood where there have been very few sales in the past six months. Perhaps you have a custom home or a home that has been improved far beyond that of the average home in the subdivision. Sometimes it can be beneficial to all parties to order in advance an appraisal from a licensed home appraiser to help the compromising begin. Remember,  days on the market are a huge factor in the minds of savvy home buyers and their experienced Realtors. Most home purchases involve financing and in order for a buyer to obtain underwriter approval, the appraised value must not be less than the contract/purchase price. If your home can’t appraise, you’ve now lost 80 to 90% of the potential buyers for your property. The days on the market and “history” of the listing stay on record for ever even if you take your house of the market for 90 days and reset the clock. So take our advice….sell smart….or don’t start.

Price Right or be prepared to SIT TIGHT. Hot Market’s come once every 10 years or so.

copyright @ 2016

Listing Paperwork

Disclose, disclose, disclose. Kenneth Rose with help from staff will deliver a Pre-Listing package including required documents and necessary disclosures. Sellers must report all known material defects and knowledge or reports pertaining to the presence of lead-based paint (typically present in homes built before the year of 1978).  The more you Disclose, Disclose and Disclose, the less you will look over your shoulder after the sale is done.

Buyer’s beware, but Seller’s MUST Sell FAIR.

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